Woorim Machinery Co., Ltd.
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01Formed a corporation in U.S.A (Woorim America Corporation)
12Opend a branch office in Düsseldorf, Germany
10Awarded the Presidential commendation for Development of Capital goods Industry
06High-tech facility Establishment of Large 8.4M precision gears
05Acquired patent for excavator travel reducer (No.10-1983058): 22 cumulative patents
09Completed development of robot and automatic precision-driving reducer
04Selected as a Global Hidden Champion (The Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
12Supplied 9th 300 tons Converter Tilting Device
02Establishment of Robotic ultra-precision reducer production line
01Rated as Q3 grade from POSCO Supplier Quality Certification (PosQC)
11Establishment of heat treatment-specialized factory (Woorim HS)
07Certified Pitch & Yaw Drive (Manufacturing & Design) for Wind power (DNV certification in Germany)
07Acquired the Mechanical works’ license (SungSan 2014-10-01)
06OHSAS18001 Certification
12Selected as Business developer of 7MW Yaw & Pitch Drive for Wind power(The Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
12Supplied 250ton Travel reducer Ass’y for Crawler Crane with mass production
11Supplied a travel reducer Ass’y for 80ton excavator (Hyundai Heavy industries)
11Contracted for development of Pitch Drive for 5MW Wind power (SSB)
09Localization of POSCO’s Converter Tilting Device
06Bonus issue (A capital of 6.75 billion won)
05Developed a Yaw Drive for 2.5MW Wind power
11Awarded the 20M dollar’s export & Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit in Trade day
10Selected as ‘100 Best companies to Wok’
09Awarded the commendation of the Small and Medium Business Administration for Technological Innovation
03Completed the reducer-specialized factory construction (Building site 14,370㎡, Floor space 10,719㎡)
11Developed an Accelerator part for 3MW Wind power
08Selected as a business developer of hydraulic transmission for 14-ton Wheel excavator (The Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
05Awarded the KOTRA Seal of Excellence (The Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
12Approved for GL factory
11Awarded the 10M dollar’s export & Stone Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit in Trade day
09ISO14001 Certification
06Awarded a Special prize from Gyeongnam Small and Medium Business Awards
05Selected as a Promising export company to Japan (The Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
04Listed on KOSDAQ (A capital of 4.5 billion won)
03Awarded the commendation of the Minister of Strategy and Finance
12Selected as an Export-promising Small and Medium Business (The Small and Medium Business Administration)
11Awarded the 5M dollar’s export tower in Trade day
03Awarded the Exemplary taxpayer (The NTS Busan Regional Office)
111.67 billion won of Bonus issue (A capital of 3.42 billion won)
11Awarded the 1M dollar’s export tower in Trade day
06Selected as a Business developer of high-stiffness high-efficiency Planetary Gear Reducer for Construction machinery (The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
06Capital increase with consideration (A capital of 1.75 billion won)
05Certified enterprise specializing in parts materials (The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
03Completed the Oedong factory construction where Headquarters relocate (Building site 10,574㎡, Floor space 9,988㎡)
03Awarded the Exemplary taxpayer (Tax office in Changwon)
06Selected as an Innobiz enterprise (The Small and Medium Business Administration)
05Selected as a Business developer of high-stiffness reducer (The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
04Selected as a Venture company in technical assessment (The Small and Medium Business Administration)
03Establishment of Research institute (Korean Industrial Technology Association)
12Start of export to NABTESCO in Japan (Planetary Gear Reducer parts for heavy equipment)
09ISO9001:2000 Certification (Quality management)
03Incorporation transition to WOORIM Machinery (CEO Han Kyu-suck, 1.67 billion won of Paid-in capital)
08Selected as a Technology-intensive Small and Medium Business (The Small and Medium Business Administration)
04Selected a Performing company for Localization of Machinery, Parts and Materials in 1999 (The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
05Establishment of Woorim Machinery with acquisition of former Woorim Machine Industry)
06Awarded the Technical-developing Excellent company (Korean electric power corporation)
10Change of company name into Woorim Machine Industry from PARAMOUNT Machine Industry
10Establishment of PARAMOUNT Machine Industry