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Current State
Testing Equipment Durability test M/C General performance tester
Testing Scope The Planetary Gear Box (Traveling Reducer, Reducer for Jack up / Deck Crane / Yaw / Pitch drive
Record Continuous durability test for the driving speed reducer of 80ton excavator Durability test for the gearbox of a 30 Ton deck crane
Performance & durability test of a transmission for 14 Ton wheel excavator Durability test of a pitch drive for 5MW wind mill
Durability test for the driving speed reducer of a 200 Ton crawler crane Durability test for a 5000 Ton jack up unit drive
Performance and durability test for the yaw drive of a 2.5-MW wind mill Durability test for a combined gearbox (soon)

A fully equipped testing room guarantees performance and reliability with thorough tests that consider the field conditions from the product development stage.